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hey i just rejoined... prob don't remember me, i was aleeda, so hey again ;)
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Well welcome back. We had a slight falling out and this community is still here but no one seems to give a darn about it. We had someone say that people who commit suicide don't go on to a happy afterlife and i got pissed and everyone left. So if you want to stay cool if you want to leave i understand.
i'm notleaving ;) unless u want me to?
the only people who won't have a happy after life are the discriminitive naive ones. so they can go shove it, or i'll politely (in a not so polite way) do it for em...
I like this room *shrug* i think it's an important topic to raise and people need a type of sanctuary to know they're not alone in experiences and what not.
:) so i stick by u all the way.
You are very welcome to stay. I'm glad that someone else sees my view point when it comes to people and the afterlife. The girl who said it spumpkinfan didn't like what I said to her and her and her little friend ran away. I agree that suicide is a very important topic and that it effects so many. Hopefully we'll have more people soon to share their experiences. Glad that you can back.
i've been advertising it in my journal cos i am in another suicide commune and a depression one, maybe u should ask them if u can join forces? cos those two just 'joined' as a link.
I don't know how to do that but if you do go right ahead and go for it. I want everyone to run this community not just me. I mean I can only do so much. I am truely happy your back though.
:) my pleasure :) i'll mention it as soon as the owners of the other two chans come back form holidays :)
*H* good to be here.
thanks :)
let me try this again without hitting the enter button. I was wondering if you want to help operate and run this community. You seem to have a good head on your shoulders and since we both seem to be coming from the same place on where we want this to go it would be cool to have a partner. If you don't want to I understand. Let me know.
~*~Tracy :)
damn lj wont work *kicks it*

sure :) i'm up for it, i just deleted my ol community cos it was dead :( i don't want to let this one go where mine did.
so sure anything u need, gimme a yell, and i'll advertise.. have u tried advertisin in community pro lately?
could always make it a lil falshy and use marquee to attract there eye like
join familysurvivors just a suggestion but i'll jump into cummunity pro and that and do it if u want.
*H* courts,

i put this in ur journ to talk to u but it didnt work :P :( cos u have it on friends only, my journ can only be read by friends too lol.
"hey u!!! my friend kibbles joined, she's a sweetie.. i advertised it in my journal cos a lot r from those 2 chans i told u about :) so hopefully it'll pickup :)
is it cool if i add u to my journ? if it isnt just tell me and i'll take u off.
Hey court,
I think they banner you made is awesome. I have no idea how to do that so its cool if you want to do it. I'm going to add you to my friend list so that you can get into my regular journal. If you have any sweet ideas about getting more people go for it. Be as creative as you can be. I'm so glad your friend joined thats awesome. Well let me know whats going on. I'll talk to you soon
will do :)
i'll get more to join. :)
anyways i gotta go out to a business meeting :(
take care
*l* Courts