*~*Tracy*~* (witchygirl821) wrote in familysurvivors,


Well Spumpkinfan left the community cause she couldn't handle the comments I made to her. This community is a place for:

I created this community for people who have been affected directly by suicide. Whether you have tried to take your own life, or you have lost a friend or family member to suicide this is a place to come and talk about it and remember them for the wonderful and loving people that they were. This community can be used for Anniversaries, your memories, your stories, or your feelings.

She made a comment in that this is a place to share your feelings. Yeah I'm quite aware of that but she was starting to give her opinions on suicide and took it to far with saying that people who commit suicide don't end up in a place where its better. Well sorry for the fact that I got upset and pissed off. My Dad killed himself and I take it personally when I'm told he isn't in a better place.

So for all of you out there that want to leave the community I don't hold it against you. I just wanted to stick for the fact that people who commit suicide aren't bad people and that they shouldn't be portrayed that way. I guess time will tell who the people are who really joined this community to actually remember their loved ones and eliminate the ones who joined it because of the fact that they wanted to make sure they got to preach to everyone their viewpoints.
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