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I guess I should have set up some guide lines before I opened this community. So I have now. Read them, understand them, follow them and if you can't then this is not the community for you.....
1) There is to be not "put downs" in this community. I will not tolerate belligerent comments about people. This is a place to remember people not to hurt others.

2) No Religious points of view. Everyone in the world has a different point of view when it comes to religion. It may be based on the same religion as yours but there are always differences.

3) I can handle debates but no arguing. That's petty and will not be tolerated.

4) This community is based on suicide. Its not for or against it. Its not condoning it. Its a place to remember people whom you have lost to suicide. If you feel that you need to preach about suicide please find another community to do it in because this community isn't about the rights and wrongs its about the feelings you have and the memories you have of the ones you've lost.

~If for some reason you can't follow these guideline I ask you to please leave the to community or not join. I will not have a community that is a place of breeding ignorance and stupidity. I want everyone to be open but sometimes you need to leave your opinions out of it and just read.~

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